Writers are expected to make public appearances in support of their books. Give a short reading… shake some hands… sign some books. Some writers hate showing up for these events. I love them. I have been told that these sorts of presentations allow my readers to hear my voice when reading my books, and that it adds to their experience. And if makes my readers happy, then it makes me happy.

The Return of the Ferret Zombies is due out in 2016, and I suspect that my publishers will have me on the road to help promote the book. Please check back for updates on dates and places of my presentations.

Sechelt Presentation 2

Along those lines, if you belong to a group that might like to engage me as a speaker, and I happen to be making a presentation somewhere close, feel free to give me a shout. Further, I am always keen to speak about my misadventures to young people, and have rarely declined an invitation to speak to school children. I have never charged to speak to a young audience.

We all have big dreams. One of my current dreams is be an invited panellist on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Book Club. My Australian publicist claims that it is one of the most difficult gigs to land. If you happen to know someone who works for the ABC, feel free to tell them that you know of a cool writer whose third book is approaching release, and would be just perfect for one of their episodes. If you get me on the show, I’ll buy you dinner.

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