The Attack of the Killer Rhododendrons

or  The Last Place You’d Look for a Wallaby

Motivated by my fabulous adventures while creating The Curse of the Labrador Duck, I returned to the road to chase down alien invaders in The Attack of the Killer Rhododendrons.

Plants and animals introduced to new lands can quickly run roughshod over the local ecosystem. Follow along as I investigate species introduced to far-flung locales: rhododendrons destroying old oak forests in Ireland; tea plantations replacing native forests in Sri Lanka; Formosan termites devouring the French Quarter of New Orleans; Barbary macaques teasing tourists in Gibraltar; and eucalyptus trees providing fuel and shelter in Ethiopia. These are tales of outrageous travel companions, exotic intestinal diseases, and Scottish wallabies.

These adventures were published in Canada by HarperCollins under the title The Attack of the Killer Rhododendrons, and in Australia by University of Queensland Press under the title The Last Place You’d look for a Wallaby.

02 Wallabies

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