The Return of the Ferret Zombies

Three and a half times around the world in search of stuffed ducks… Adventures with alien species transforming the landscape… What next? Creatures that we thought had been lost forever, of course!  Animal and plant species are being declared extinct at an alarming rate, thought to be irretrievably lost. However, once in a long while, a lost creature will pop up from behind a bush and delight us with its return.

I have been travelling the globe to personally experience the magic of species believed to have vanished. Iguanas in the remotest spot in Jamaica, turtles hiding in murky rivers in the Philippines, Javan elephants lurking in Malaysian forests, sulphur-loving moss piglets in Japan… As with past adventures, I have been travelling in the company of colourful friends (who really ought to know better), and discovering the joys and challenges of each locale. Scenery, history, and local intoxicants are always part of the adventure.

Prepare yourself for The Return of the Ferret Zombies, due out in 2016.

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