Falling Down The Thames

I invite you to join me and my companion Dr. Krista Halling as we prepare for a 2015 source-to-sea paddle down England’s River Thames. Our adventure is called Falling Down the Thames. Krista and I will be publishing our experiences and using video to capture all the fun and folly.








3 thoughts on “Falling Down The Thames

  1. Kenneth P. Farley

    Greetings good Doctor; please humor me as I make an attempt to explain how I came to know of your book on “Waterfowl”. I am an American kid who had recently returned from Afghanistan. Sitting home watching PBS. I saw The lost bird film. It not only brought me (big brave soldier from Brooklyn) to tears. Almost an epiphany. I could feign ignorance on the Camtorhynchus Labradorius but, I felt like a moron when I never heard of Ectopistes Migratorius. This led me to study (online) about the 5 featured species of North American birds. That in turn led me to a number of books including yours.”Curse” brought me to tears from Laughing! Somehow I found an affinity w/you aside from the fact I possess far fewer I.Q. points. Knowing this is a stretch, if you are interested in a somewhat strange travel companion. One with a childlike sense of wonder. I would be willing to (beg.. nah) offer my services. I know this is out of the ordinary. But I had to try. Either way happy tr ails. P.S. I stay in touch w/ Bobby Harrison and his wife Norma.of the Grailbird expedition. He still goes out 1-2 times a year looking through Bayou Deview. I want to believe but……. Anyway feel free to contact me either way. Thanks for your considered time and patience. Kenney.

  2. Glen

    Hello Kenny! Great to hear from you. I am pleased that my tales concerning the Labrador Duck appealed to you on that level. I have just finished my travels for the third book (The Return of the Ferret Zombies), and so am not in need of any new travel companions at the moment. Perhaps this book about rediscovered species will also appeal to your sense of humour, and the story of the rediscovered Noisy Scrub-bird in particular. Take care and have fun. – Glen


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